Cartographies of Occlusion: Past and Present

Date/Time: 16/12/2014 from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


What is hidden in and by the territory and how far can it be visualised or rendered legible by means of maps? This question is examined by a geographer and two archaeologists, pushing against the traditional boundaries of their respective disciplines.

George Jaramillo Extractive Geographies, Immersive Lives
Elton Barker Mapping Archaeological Texts: Revealing Relations, Addressing Complexity
Jonathan Gardner Ex-Streams: Navigating the ‘Lost’ Waterways of the Olympic Park

George is completing an ethnographic study about the rural lead mining in the Peak District using immersive methods of drawing, mapping and narrative. Elton is Reader in Classic Studies at the Open University and a leading figure in the development and use of digital mapping in archaeological research. He is the author of ‘Entering the Agon’ (2009). Jonathan is completing his PhD at the Institute of Archaeology looking at the traces left by the construction and aftermath of mega-events and how earlier uses of these sites intrude on their legacy.

Refreshments will be served from 5:30 so that we can make a start at 6pm prompt. After the seminar from 8-9pm we hope you will join us for some pre-Christmas drinks and snacks. Please note also a late change of venue: we will now be in Room 612 (6th floor), in the Institute of Archaeology 31-34 Gordon Square WC1H OPY

Venue: Institute of Archaeology (Room 612)

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