Everyday Mapping Practices in the Digital Age (EVENT RESCHEDULED)

Date/Time: 11/10/2017 from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Please note this event has been rescheduled to December (date and venue to be confirmed shortly)


LIVING MAPS SEMINAR: Cultural Cartographies Series

Everyday Mapping Practices In the Digital Age 

With Mike Duggan

Chair: Jeremy Crump

WHERE: Room US4.15, UEL/Birkbeck Campus at One University Square, Stratford, E15 1NF 

WHEN: (rescheduled: please await new dates)


The theme of this year’s seminars is Cultural Cartographies. Maps are never simply made and put use: they are always embedded in culture, which determines how and why they are made and used. Some cultural geographies are better represented on maps than others. This series explores the many ways that culture may be represented and reproduced on maps, whilst also being implicit in the many ways that maps are used. Ultimately, the series aims to bring together academics, artists and others to explore these all too often hidden dimensions of cartography.

In this first seminar, Mike Duggan will introduce the broad theme of the series with a discussion on everyday mapping practices in the digital age. He will discuss his recent ethnography of everyday mapping practices and show how it is important to pay attention to both cultural practices and technology in order to understand how we use maps in the context of everyday life. Participants to the seminar are encouraged to bring along and share their own experiences of how they use maps and mapping technologies in order to build a discussion around the topic.


Mike is a visiting lecturer in Digital Culture in the department of Digital Humanities at Kings College London, where he teaches on Digital Foundations, Theories of New Media and Big Data, Culture and Society. He is interested in the complex intersections that unfold between digital technologies and cultural practices in everyday life. He has a PhD in cultural geography, which examined everyday mapping practices in the digital age. Currently his research interests are focused on everyday mapping practices, digital mapping technologies, neuro-mapping practices and digital ethnography. Mike is the events coordinator for the Living Maps journal. He is on Twitter at @mikeduggan4

Venue: UEL/Birkbeck Campus

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