Date/Time: 10/02/2015 from 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


(photo: MayDay Rooms)

Faced with chaotic synchronicities of globalisation, the rapidly shifting borderlands created by the implosive geo-politics of post-colonial conflicts and the multiplying networks of dispersed power, it is tempting to turn to maps as a way of pinning down what is happening on the ground, to provide a stabilising focus for political analysis or intervention. But is forensic cartography, whatever its real or imagined predictive power, able to do more than gloss strategies of governance and control, based on the illusion that ‘the people’, their habits and habitats, their movements and immobilities can be fully known ? Is a narrative counter- mapping possible to chart alternative histories of the present? These questions will be addressed by a social historian, a community mapper and a member of the MayDay Rooms collective.

MayDay Rooms
Collective Memory Politics, Archive Fever and the Left

Jerry White
Pinning Down the London Poor: the Poverty Maps of the Booth and Llewellyn Smith Surveys, 1889-1930

Steve Rolling
History Pin: Memoryscapes in the Digital Age

Jerry teaches history at Birkbeck and is an acclaimed social historian of modern London. His latest book, ‘Zeppelin Nights. London in the First World War’, was published by the Bodley Head in May 2014. Steve is a Community Officer for Historypin helping local communities to use digital mapping tools, organising and running local sessions and collecting people’s photographs and memories. MayDay Rooms is a collective developing a living archive of historical material related to radical campaigns and popular democratic struggles in Britain.

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Venue: MayDay Rooms

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