Lecture: Data Citizenships

Date/Time: 28/10/2015 from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

‘Smart Cities Dumb Maps’

In these first four sessions of the new Livingmaps Seminar series we will be developing a critical reading of the ‘smart city’ agenda and exploring ways in which digital mapping and other technologies could be mobilised or transformed to serve as platform for democratic action.


Seminar 2: ‘Data Citizenships’

Presenter: Dr Alison Powell

Discussant: Jean-Christophe Plantin (Assistant Professor, Media and Communications, LSE)

This lecture outlines three possible forms for “data citizenship” – citizens as data producers, citizens as data auditors, and citizens as data entrepreneurs. It asks about the extent to which these citizenships are able to transcend the surveillance and control associated with data in cities and ‘give voice to people. Examples of data-based mapping projects are used, but come prepared to discuss the meaning of data in relation to mapping, space, and citizenship.

Alison  is Assistant Professor in Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Programme Director of the MSc in Media and Communication (Data & Society). Her research examines how people’s values influence the way technology is built, and how discourses, practices and governance structures are produced in relation to new technological systems. Past research projects have looked at community wireless networking and its policy impact, digital rights activism in comparative perspective and the expansion of open source, DIY and hacking culture from software to hardware to open science.




New Seminar Series from Livingmaps

‘Smart Cities Dumb Maps’ is the first set in a series of new Livingmaps Seminars for 2015-2016. We are changing the formula slightly. In order to achieve greater continuity and depth each term is organised around a specific theme under the general rubric of ‘Digital Humanities and the Cartographic Turn’. We will be exploring points of intersection created by the spatial turn in the various human sciences, the impact of digital mapping technologies on the presentation of different kinds of data, and the emergence of new arts and community based practices of critical cartography:

  • Autumn Term: ‘Smart Cities Dumb Maps’ (all seminars at the Young Foundation)
  • Spring Term: ‘Waypoints and other Narrigations’ (all seminars at Birkbeck)
  • Summer Term: ‘Shape Shifters’ (all seminars at the Mayday Rooms)

Each term there will be two sessions with a lecture/discussant format followed by a dialogic seminar with a presenters panel bringing together people from different perspectives and practices, and ending with a hands-on workshop for people who want to develop or apply their cartographic skills in relation to the chosen theme. Please note that the lecture and seminar sessions will now normally take place on Wednesdays from 6 to 8 pm, and each block of events will be held at the same venue. The final workshops will be held at the Mayday Rooms on Saturday mornings.

Venue: The Young Foundation

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