Date/Time: 17/03/2015 from 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


(photo: London Mapper)

The persistence of structural inequalities in affluent societies, the widening gap between the super-rich and chronically poor, coupled with the emergence of new forms of social injustice and deprivation, creates a ‘terra incognita’ which requires continual re-mapping. Can this process be a spur for urban policies to address issues of housing, education, health and welfare in ways that are embedded in local cultures and communities as well as challenging the dominant discourse of the political class.

Danny Dorling and Ben Hennig
Mapping Inequalities: From Riots to Riches
Peter Gerry
EMAPs: New Digital Tools for Understanding Inequality
Debbie Humphry
Who Controls the Map? Audio-visual Narratives of Housing Insecurity in the London Borough of Camden
Danny is Professor Human Geography at Oxford, the author of a pioneering work on the visualisation of spatial social structure and recent studies of inequalities in health and housing. Ben is Senior Research Fellow in the School of Geography & Environment at Oxford and moving force behind London Mapper. Peter is an Associate in The Young Foundation’s Research team, working on a variety of projects around health, ageing, education, and leading the Foundation’s project to map online controversies. Debbie is a photographer and ethnographer who has carried out a number of projects examining issues of housing and personal geography.

Venue: The Young Foundation

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