Livingmaps Team including Board, Project Teams and Consultants

Barbara Brayshay

Board Member and Consultant

Barbara Brayshay is a Director of Living Maps and Editor of the Waypoints section of Living Maps Review.  A freelance researcher her interests are in the areas of social justice, digital media, community development and sustainability. Her academic background is in environmental science and social research specialising in the use of innovative approaches to data gathering including the use of participatory action research technique in primary research, project evaluation and impact assessment. She has worked with researchers and digital technologists across different sectors – principally charities and Local and Central Government funded projects and is interested in the potential of participatory mapping as a tool for data visualization and as a methodology for mapping resistance and building the evidence base to enable greater citizen empowerment.

  • Location: London

    Dan Dobson

    Dan Dobson is a student at Birkbeck College, London. His research is about creating pathways to employment and education for young people in the cultural economy of the inner-city. Dan is also a self-employed tree surgeon and lorry driver, and has previously spent several years working as a one-to-one learning support assistant with infants with special educational needs. His lifelong interest in maps includes the history of cartography, the practice of mapmaking and critical thought on the role of maps and the process of mapping.

      Debbie Humphry

      Board Member and Consultant

      Debbie Humphry is a social geographer, researcher and photographer. She is a Visiting Fellow at the University of East London (UEL), and has also worked as a researcher for the University of Sussex, Goldsmiths University of London (Centre for Urban and Community Research) and a range of voluntary and public sector clients and partners. Her research interests include housing/home, neighbourhood and community, relations of class and inequality, and social mobility. She uses a range of innovative participative and visual methods aimed at enhancing the input of the research subjects, and situates ground-level qualitative findings within structural and policy contexts. Her writing and research has been published widely in academic, education and media publications, as has her photography, including in The Guardian, the Observer magazine, The National Portrait Gallery and The Royal Festival Hall London

        Harriet Hawkins

        Harriet Hawkins is a Reader in Cultural Geography at Royal Holloway College and Deputy Director of HARC (Humanities and Arts Research Centre). Harriet’s theoretical work is focused on the advancement of the geohumanities. Her research explores the geographies of art works and art worlds. Her books include For Creative Geographies (Routledge 2013) andCreativity (Routledge 2016) She is co-editor of Geographical Aesthetics (Ashgate 2015). She has produced books, participatory art projects and exhibitions with individual artists and a range of international arts organisations including the Tate, Arts Catalyst, Iniva, Furtherfield and Swiss Artists in Labs. Harriet is on the editorial board of GeoHumanities and Cultural Geographies.

            Jeremy Crump

            Finance Director and Board Member

            Jeremy Crump is a social historian and a visiting fellow at De Montfort University. His research interests are the history of popular culture, including sport and religion. For most of his career, Jeremy was a civil servant in the Home Office, and has also worked in the IT industry.

            Jeremy is a Board Member and Finance Director of Livingmaps Network, and is Production Editor of the Livingmaps Review

              Jina Lee

              Jina Lee is a PhD student at the University of Arts, London. Her artwork and research are about the collapse of territorial boundaries between social, political and geographical space, elements which are in a state of increasing fluidity and movement of emigration. Jina’s observations and findings, made through various modes of drawing, open the possibility for unsuspected interactions of experience and knowledge in relation to geopolitical and cultural boundary issues.

                John Wallett

                Founder, Board Member and Consultant.

                John is a graphic and information designer and educator who has worked with arts, education and campaign organisations in East London for over twenty-five years. Coming originally from the Fine Arts he worked through the 1980s developing local publishing, exhibition and community photography projects in East London. He is a founder of the ‘Common Knowledge’ network based at 18 Victoria Park Square and is also founder member of the pop-up community cinema project ‘Moving Image’ in East Anglia. In 2013 Phil Cohen and John Wallett founded Livingmaps which became incorporated as ‘Livingmaps Network’ in April 2015. Since then John has been responsible for the design of many Livingmaps project proposals, displays and web-based projects. Since 2013 John has been developing the design strategy for Livingmaps and delivering creative mapping projects in the Stratford E20 area and more recently in North Colchester.


                Nicolas Fonty

                Review Editor, Project Team Member and Consultant

                Email mail:
                Contact phone number: +336 6559 0646

                Short CV ( 123 words )
                – Freelancer architect-urban designer, independent researcher and autodidact mapper :
                – OCCUPY#GrandParis, collaborative mapping in progress of the metropolis’ public spaces through public workshops. Started in 2013, 20 workshops, 1500 data online : +
                – Just Place, a map for an inclusive London. Work in progress started in February 2016 to build a network between communities, groups and actors active in making London a more inclusive city :
                – MRes Interdisciplinary Urban Design in progress at the Bartlett School of Planning / UCL : Collaborative mapping for metropolitan community-led planning

                – Publications on collective works : Civic Wise-2016, Cartographic atlas of Paris/La Défense-2014, The Porous City / Secchi-Viganó-2011, Alchemy of the Paris metropolis- 2008, The City of the “Périphérique” / Tomato-2003.

                Skill set:
                Organisation of mapping collaborative workshops
                Teaching, mostly in French schools of architecture

                GIS mapping: QGIS and ArcGis
                Web mapping: CartoDB, Open Street Map
                Graphic skills: InDesign, Autocad2D, Sketchup3D, Photoshop

                Greater Paris: history, planning, governance, mapping, urban forms, public spaces
                Greater London: same topics as Paris but in “beginner” mode

                Phil Cohen

                Founder, Board Member and Consultant.

                Phil Cohen is the research director of LivingMaps Network and an Emeritus Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of East London. He is an urban ethnographer turned cultural geographer. He started using mapping methods in working with young people in East London about their sense of place, identity and belonging. Amongst his publications are  Knuckle Sandwich:Growing up in the Working Class City (1978); Rethinking the Youth Question:education,labour abnd cultural studies (1990); London’s Turning: the making of Thames Gateway (2006); Finding the Way Home: young people’s sense of place,gender and ethnicity (2007) and On the Wrong Side of the Track:East London and the Post-Olympics (2013). Reading Room Only: memoir of a radical bibliophile was published by Five Leaves in 2013 and Graphologies, a collection of poetry and prose  by Mica Press in 2014. Material Dreams: maps and territories in the un/making of modernity, is forthcoming from Palgrave Macmillan.

                Phil Cohen is a Board Member and Research Director of Livingmaps Network, and is Chief Editor of Livingmaps Review.

                • Tel: 01206827777
                • Location: Birckbeck University of London