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A Young Person’s Guide to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is London’s newest Park, but what opportunities and adventures does it hold for young people?

Aware that little investigation had been done, The Building Exploratory, together with Livingmaps, invited fifty 12 and 13 year olds to explore the Park and share their findings. These Year 8 students are all from Chobham Academy, the new school built within the 2012 Athletes’ Village complex – now called East Village. They have created this map to share what Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park has to offer with other young people, and to communicate their hopes for its future.

Working with Livingmaps and the Building Exploratory, skilled in opening up the built environment to all, the young people explored the Park in depth over more than six months: Investigations of the Park were carried out, playgrounds were tried out, hills were rolled down, debates took place with those who shaped the Park. Everything on offer was tested and assessed.

As well as uncovering existing places in the Park for young people, the group has also projected their own ideas on to this new landscape and you can see these illustrated in full in the Fantasy chapter.


Screen shot 2016-06-05 at 09.13.51

The Park is ever changing so this map will provide a memory of its character as it transitioned from its early role as the venue for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, to its subsequent role as one of east London’s largest parks and newest neighbourhoods.


The Building Exploratory would like to thank the Year 8 students and Geography department staff at Chobham Academy for sharing their ideas with other young people. They would also like to thank the project collaborators who gave of their time so generously:

Nick Edwards, Fundamental
Kathryn Firth and Layla Conway, London Legacy Development Corporation
Rowan Longhurst, Our Parklife
Caroline Jupp, Artist in Residence
Ralph Lee and his architecture students at the University of East London
Project volunteers with architectural backgrounds: Ruth Queally, Imogen Ward and Sol Maria Soledad Diaz


Authors of the Guide: Chobham Academy Year 8 Geography students

Project Initiators: Nicole Crockett, the Building Exploratory, Phil Cohen and John Wallett, Livingmaps Network
Project Funder: London Legacy Development Corporation
Project Direction:Nicole Crockett and Fiona MacDonald, the Building Exploratory
School Programme: Fiona MacDonald, the Building Exploratory
Viewfinder Design: Mobile Studio
Web Development: David Dorrington, Department of Media and Screen, University of East London
Graphic Design: John Wallett, Livingmaps Network
Film Production: Aura Films
Evaluation: Phil Cohen, Livingmaps Network

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