Community Photography Project

MyPlaceYourPlaceE20 was the photography element of the Speaking Out of Place research in East Village (former Athletes’ Village), London, E20.  Debbie Humphry took ethnographic photographs of East Village residents’ and the wider Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park development in E20. She also worked participatively with East Village residents facilitating them to take photographs of their experiences as pioneer residents. This culminated not only in much rich visual ethnographic data, but also in the first major photographic exhibition representing East Village, which was shown over several months in 2015 and 2016 in Stratford E20 and E15. The audience were invited to contribute by writing their views on the Olympic legacy, with divided opinions.

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Debbie Humphry is a researcher and photographer, Director of Livingmaps Network, associated with the University of Sussex, and has published and exhibtited widely, including in academic and media publications, and in the National Portrait Gallery and Royal Festival Hall, London.