Speaking out of Place

Speaking out of Place (SOOP) is part of a larger longitudinal project to track the impact of Olympic-led regeneration on the lifestyles, livelihoods and life stories of the people of East London

This project which began in 2007 and is scheduled to end in 2020, represents a sustained attempt to document in depth the impact of an Olympic games on its host community, using participatory methods of ethnographic research to  capture the experiences of local residents, workers and pupils who have moved into the Olympic legacy space of East Village (former Athletes’ Village) and E20.  Within an interdisciplinary framework we combined social cartography with cultural geography and urban and environmental studies. Our rich mixed method ethnographic approach aimed at capturing the multi-perspectives of local people, we used ethnographic observation and photography, narrative interviews, we worked with Chobham Academy students to produce THIS IS OUR EAST 20: a Young Persons Guide to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, ran a participative photography research project with local residents in which they produced their own collective portrait of the area, and involved local teenagers in making a film exploring the post Olympic Legacy.