Speaking Out of Place (SOOP)

We are currently writing up appraisals of the ‘Speaking Out of Place’ projects which have been running in the Olympic Park/E20 area and will be launching this report during the summer 2016. The ‘SOOP’ Projects have all been devised and delivered in partnership with The Building Exploratory and have received substantial funding and support from the London Legacy Development Corporation. Read more…

MyPlaceYourPlace E20

‘MyPlaceYourPlace E20’ is a very successful community photography and research project where Photographer/Ethnographer Debbie Humphry worked with a group of East Village residents developing their photography skills and exploring the social and material culture of neighbourhood and belonging. The MPYPE20 exhibition has been seen by Stratford residents from November 2015 to February 2016 in the Sir Ludwig Guttman Health Centre and from February to May 2016 in Stratford Library. The exhibition is available for display at other East London venues. Read more…

This is Our East 20

‘This is Our East 20’ is a creative mapping and environmental exploration project working with two groups of Year Nine students in the new Chobham Academy school in the heart of East Village. TIOE20 has resulted in a rich media project with photography, audio and mixed media work and is represented by an online map and dedicated website.. The full project report will be added here in shortly. Read More…

The ‘Living The Dream’ video created by Livingmaps and the Building Exploratory with Aura Films drew together material, insights and creative directions from the three SOOP projects to create an engaging video self-portrait of an emerging community. LTD and the SOOP projects were launched at the ‘London’s Turning’ Symposium in 2015 which

The Groundbreakers

Groundbreakers is a major site-interpretation project intended to peel back the layers of social and cultural history and pre-history of the Stratford/E20 area. Backed by the LLDC and the Canals and Rivers Trust this project will explore the pre- and post-industrial legacies of what is now the Olympic Park and environs and will extrapolate into future scenarios through guided walks, online visuals and interpretive media installations. The Groundbreakers is currently subject to a major funding bid in partnership with the Ralph Samuel History Centre and will be developed in partnership with Birkbeck, the Bishopsgate Institute and UEL. Read more…


‘Our Kind of Town’ is a major new project in development to build community strength and engagement with new London 2050 Plan. A full project outline will be uploaded here shortly. Read more…

Livingmaps Review

Since the launch of ‘Livingmaps Review’ in 2016 a number of new members have joined the editorial team, strengthening the range of expertise and widening the international scope of the journal. The articles in issue 2 deal with a wide range of topics in critical cartography and continue to draw material from Livingmaps’ seminar series as well as commissioning work from academics, artists and activists.

  • In the new issue:
  • 20th Century maps at the British Library
  • drawing life-maps of South Korean community in southwest London
  • an art project with the miners from the South Wales valleys
  • modelling the post-apocalyptic landscape
  • activist community network mapping in London
  • developments in the neuro-science of cognitive mapping
  • counter-mapping and the smart city agenda
  • manifesto for ‘A Citizen’s Atlas of London’
  • Livingmaps Review 2 is out now (Read more…)

Further information and updates

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